The Pessimistic Paintings (aka The Depressing Drawings)

I’ve changed.

Last year, when I wasn’t even seventeen yet, everything was looking down. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study in college, I wasn’t sure my parents would even let me take up art, design and film, like I wanted to… I wasn’t sure of a lot of things. At that point of time, my art was depressingly negative. Here’s two favorites, although I don’t completely agree with them anymore. Water colors.

"A Negative Criticism of the Negativity of Negative Criticism", July 2010
"All Kill Time; Time Kills All", October 2010

2 thoughts on “The Pessimistic Paintings (aka The Depressing Drawings)”

  1. Hello.
    I just stumbled into these paintings of yours.
    I guess they spoke to me. I’d like to thank you for giving me that moment of exhilaration at seeing an execution of art that resonates with exactly how I am feeling at the moment.
    It’s a nice moment.
    Something one’d expect to feel wandering along in a museum. To look at something and want to sit down right there (on the floor in the case of the aforementioned museum) and just ponder or maybe ‘muse’ is the right word. Okay I’ll just go ahead and hide behind this: “its hard to explain”.
    I’d also like to half yell at you considering how I am supposed to be cramming for an impending exam but here I am gawking and thinking ‘Oh. I can relate’.
    So thank you. (in both a grateful and reproachful tone)
    I drew something a while ago and this is very reminiscent of it.
    And these moments are priceless.
    I feel like I found familiarity in stranger’s tides. (Pun? Whatever are you saying?)

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