Film: “Tissue: A Love Story” (2011)


Richard Linklater’s wonderful “Waking Life” left me fascinated with rotoscoping, and so I’ve tried some of my own. It took a lot of work: five long days of six to seven hours each, continuously animating away at my laptop.

The video eventually didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to, because of several reasons… the original animation files got ruined somewhere along the transition from SWF format to WMV, making them strobe a lot more than they should; the deadline was up before I knew it and I rushed a lot of the work (I had just a week’s time to conceive, complete and submit the project).

But even though it didn’t end up the way I planned, I am proud of it. So there you go. And Roger Ebert has called it “Wonderful…” so I must be doing something right!

Oh, and the music: “Rhapsody in Blue” is a wonderful piece of music I was introduced to via “Fantasia 2000”.

5 thoughts on “Film: “Tissue: A Love Story” (2011)”

  1. bravo! I love the swooping narrative arc of this film. Clearly you don’t live in the USA, where we make sure every film has a happy ending.

    I was really drawn by the synecdochical nature of the beginning and end of the your story.

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