Book: “GLASSES” (2011)

“Heartbreaking… and heartwarming. Subtle and powerful while seeming so simple. The prose and art work is flawless and so moving.”

– Roger Ebert on “Glasses”

My newest work is this graphic novel (or children’s book, rather) which tells a deeply personal story; a young boy explores his late father’s room for the first time in his life and has an important revelation.

Read “Glasses” in its entirety below. Make sure you check it out on full-screen.

8 thoughts on “Book: “GLASSES” (2011)”

  1. Simple and touching, and tells the basic story of relationships. Krishna, I – like most men I suppose – had similar problems with my Dad, but thankfully resolved them before he passed away. I thank you for the story.

  2. That is really a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it.
    (and ps–I am looking forward to meeting you at Ebertfest–I’ll see you on Wednesday morning!)

  3. Movies make me cry, Music too but text has never lead me to shed a single tear…this one had me weeping. Thanks Kicha.

  4. Krishna,

    You were born to do this. This graphic short story packs so much emotion. Anyone could identify with it. You’re so talented and a gifted storyteller. Hats off to you.

  5. I knew you were something else from the very first conversation I had with you at our school auditorium.

    Amazing, Krishna, Amazing! Really touching.

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Take care!

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