Film: “In The Morning” (2011)

“Remember [Krishna’s] early videos I posted, about the special effects produced when he was a kid? Now he has developed into an impressive talent. This film beautifully evokes Hopper.”

– Roger Ebert on “In The Morning”

A project I did for college. I’ve attempted to recreate the world of Edward Hopper’s paintings in motion. I’ve tried to stay faithful to the themes, style, look, mood et al of his great work.



Apart from, obviously, Hopper’s paintings, I was inspired by Conrad Hall’s wonderful cinematography in “Road to Perdition”, the unhurried feel of the great “Drive” (the new Refn film. Odd, I know), and the idea behind the film “The Mill and the Cross”, unseen by me. The last inspiration, perhaps one of the most significant of the lot, was more¬†subconscious. Only now when I look at “In the Morning” am I reminded of the trailer of “The Mill and the Cross”, a film I look forward to experiencing. Oh, and I suppose I must add “Sin City” to the list. And “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, for that matter. Yes, it’s all coming back now.

4 thoughts on “Film: “In The Morning” (2011)”

  1. I’ve always admired Hopper’s paintings, but it’s only after I watched this film that I realize why they struck me so. I don’t quite know how to say it, but his paintings are quite dramatic(?), despite how subdued they look. You’ve done a brilliant job of capturing that something’s-about-to-happen feel.
    Working with Hopper’s paintings was a brilliant choice!

    And you, sir, just keep getting better with each film. I’m in awe. :O

  2. This is such a beautiful film. It has touched me so deeply and may well be the greatest film I have ever seen. Seeing it was like a resurrection for me. It has inspired me to write a miniature piece of music for small ensemble, which I humbly dedicate to you, Mr Shenoi.
    By the way, I have a small question: As a musician, I am interested in the film score. It is beautiful. Who wrote it?

    1. Thank you so much! Those are probably the best things I could ever hope to hear about any of my films. I’m very touched by your comments, and also by the piece of music you dedicated to me. As you say, your piece would sound brilliant for real, as opposed to the digital demo, which already in itself conjures up all kinds of feelings and images in my head. Very nice stuff.

      The music you hear in this film is from the score of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The name of the track is “Parallel Time With Alternate Outcome”. Now that I think of it, I wonder why I did not credit the source.

      Since you liked this film, I suspect you would like my more recent film “Pieces”, which uses music I composed myself.

  3. I thought I had already commented on this post in order to express my sincere admiration. Mr Shenoi, you are a true Leonardo da Vinci! Your work in every genre — drawing, painting, film — bears the mark of undeniable genius. You have such rare talent. Since “In the Morning” may already be the greatest film I have ever seen, I can but wonder what we might expect from you in the future.

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