Art: Some New Stuff, Some Old Stuff

These are some thingamajigs I created over the last few months for college assignments, for myself, and/or for I-dunno-what. Looking at it all now, I see influences from the many monster movies I was watching then (classic, campy or both), “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, and other similar stuff. Enough said. Here you go:

One thought on “Art: Some New Stuff, Some Old Stuff”

  1. “In Pursuit of Things New and Unknown” is a most wonderful work of art, the most convincing photoshop art I have ever seen. And the most convincing and most touching and most sublime portrayal of alien life form in all art. (I assume that these strange, fragile-looking anthropomorphic sand-colored shapes are alien life forms, but of course, I can never really know.)
    It is a picture that should be positioned at a central place on the desk of every artist, every mathematician, every philosopher, every physicist, and every truth-seeking person in general.

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